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What Does Network Tracking Tool Mean?

A network tracking tool is an application that helps network administrators monitor the moves, additions as well as changes (referred to as MACs) to a network’s hardware infrastructure. Certain network tracking tools monitor just cabling MACs, whereas other tools have the ability to monitor every device attached to the network and provide a visual diagram of the network configuration, which shows all the configurations done to the network right from the beginning.


A network tracking tool is also known as a network device management program.

Techopedia Explains Network Tracking Tool

Using network tracking tools, administrators can maintain a list of network devices, set up device scans and assemble routine reports on the state of each and every device.

Some network tracking tools offer the users with a Web-browser interface or wizard to make the program more intuitive. Some network tracking tools can communicate with every new device and identify the brand and model automatically if the administrator opts for that. Devices can be classified based on the vendor, brand, model and status, in addition to other user-defined specifications.

There are various benefits associated with using network tracking tools. For instance, in case a cable is disconnected, a security alarm can be activated in the network operations center. Certain network tracking tools allow work orders to be signed off. Also, they allow an automatic update of the documentation on the physical layer.

With the help of network tracking tools, administrators are able to resolve hardware issues by diagnosing the spot in the physical layer where the issues get started. By maintaining in-depth records of every MAC, a network tracking tool can help an organization comply with the terms of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

Observium, Ganglia, Spiceworks, Nagios, Zabix, etc., are some free network tracking tools available in the market.


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