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Web Application Meets Brick And Mortar (WAMBAM)

Last updated: August 31, 2017

What Does Web Application Meets Brick And Mortar (WAMBAM) Mean?

Web application meets brick and mortar (WAMBAM) is a business model in which an offline business (bricks and mortar) uses online marketing to expand its business reach, usually through a website, either with e-commerce or not, hence the name. The business may also integrate mobile apps and telephone ordering as well as physical and online product catalogs.

Web application meets brick and mortar is also known as bricks and clicks.


Techopedia Explains Web Application Meets Brick And Mortar (WAMBAM)

Web application meets brick and mortar essentially refers to the initiative that retailers are taking online. The business model is believed to have originated with Pizza Hut, as it was the first to implement the ability to order products (pizza) through the internet to be delivered by the nearest physical branch.

The business model had its big break around the late 1990s and early 2000s when retail giants such as Walmart started websites that allowed customers to browse and buy the same goods they could find in the physical stores without leaving their own homes. Customers could then check the availability of products, and some stores even allowed orders to be placed online and packaged by the staff so that customers could pick them up at the physical store or, alternatively, have the order delivered to their house.



Click and Mortar, Bricks and Clicks, Clicks and Bricks

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