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Virtual Home Environment

What Does Virtual Home Environment Mean?

Virtual home environment (VHE) refers to a network-supported mobile computing environment that allows a user to access the same computing environment on the road as they would have at home or their place of business. VHE allows a foreign network to emulate the services of the user’s home network, which can be important for frequent travelers, especially those who travel for business.


Techopedia Explains Virtual Home Environment

A VHE network routes messages from a signaling network to service applications, allowing home network service availability on a visited network. As a 3G wireless technology, it is part of IMT-2000 and the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS).

A home network is where a mobile device has its permanent IP address. Through a mobile IP, mobile devices can be plugged into foreign networks. When plugged into a foreign network, a mobile IP uses a temporary care-of address so that it doesn’t have to be assigned a permanent IP every time it’s plugged into a different network.


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