What Does Wugging Mean?

Wugging is short for "web use giving," a term for a specific kind of charitable activity on the Internet, where individuals or groups raise money through web sites. In wugging, there is the assumption that there is no cost to users.


Techopedia Explains Wugging

One common example of wugging involves using a charity search engine that somehow generates charitable donations without directly asking users for money. Other examples could include the use of affiliate programs or coupons, or other types of creative charity ideas that would use the Internet as their major vehicle.

Something interesting about the etymology of the word wugging is that, although it can function as a shortened form of "web use giving," some associate the word "wugging" with the word "chugging," which simply combines the words "charity" and "mugging" in a kind of portmanteau that hints at the idea that some charity workers are very aggressive in getting donations for their cause. Here, aggressive charity activity on the Internet would be described as wugging.

Wugging is also an interesting idea as it pertains to the use of the Internet for charitable activities. Generally, whether a group is directly collecting for charities on the net or using strategies that don't involve direct costs to users, there are issues with charitable donations that involve taxation, legal status and other factors that have to be looked at carefully for any kind of charitable web project.


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