What Does Pango Mean?

Pango is an open-source project which creates a uniform framework in order to render international text characters. The term Pango is a combination of Greek prefix “pan,” denoting “all,” and the Japanese word “go,” meaning “language.” International language users on the Internet find it very hard to find a correct representation of their language text because most software applications do not support characters in that language. Pango aims to combat this problem.


Techopedia Explains Pango

Pango should not be mistakenly thought of as a language converter; it is simply a framework that aids in the display of underrepresented language characters in the form of electronic text. Nearly every language that is spoken and written in the world can be rendered by the Pango software tool. It caters to an extensive number of languages and characters, excluding as few symbols as possible.

Pango won the Open Source Initiative’s 2004 award because every language in existence can be electronically rendered by this open-source commercial software. Pango can be compared to a billboard where any language character or any sign character can be displayed along with the graphics to express a message.


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