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Embedded Hypervisor

What Does Embedded Hypervisor Mean?

An embedded hypervisor is a type of virtualization hypervisor that is natively installed, programmed or embedded in a computing device or system. It is a pre-integrated hypervisor that is delivered as component of a resident computer, server or device.


Techopedia Explains Embedded Hypervisor

An embedded hypervisor is primarily designed for embedded systems and generally provides the same functionality as a standard hypervisor.

The operational characteristics of an embedded hypervisor differ from a standard hypervisor in numerous ways. These features include:
  • The ability to boot a system directly from a virtual machine (VM), rather than a hard disk
  • Native support for different processors
  • Default system driver compatibility
  • Direct access to system resources
  • Strong protection against viruses and malware because they are directly embedded in a system

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