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What Does Anti-Spam Mean?

Anti-spam refers to services and solutions that focus on blocking and mitigating the effects of illegal emails – or spam – on email users. To achieve this objective, different types of anti-spam systems have been integrated with the email systems of many email and Internet service providers (ISP).


Techopedia Explains Anti-Spam

Modern anti-spam technology covers a broad spectrum of filters, scanners and other types of applications. Some anti-spam services work from a statistical method, while others use heuristics or predictive algorithms. To sort email in sophisticated ways, anti-spam service providers may monitor email signatures, IP addresses or other data, which reduces spam.

The emergence of anti-spam software adds to the ongoing conflict between email recipients and unsolicited email senders. ISPs and email providers are working to secure legislative victories that could block certain types of email marketing. However, senders may find ways to shield a message’s origins, or imitate another sender’s signature or other email features. Likewise, senders may find ways to combat anti-spam tool algorithms and break through filters to reach email users.


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