Duplex Printing

What Does Duplex Printing Mean?

Duplex printing is the feature present in multifunction
printers and computer printers which allows printing on both sides of paper. Only printers with built-in duplex capability allow users to print double
sided without manually flipping over the page. Duplex printers are popular among small-to-medium-sized offices and


Techopedia Explains Duplex Printing

Duplex printing in duplex-supported printers can be performed in two ways, namely auto duplexing and manual duplexing. To set a particular print for duplex, set the printing preferences for the document to “Print on both sides” before selecting the “Print” button. Duplex printers work by either printing simultaneously on both sides of the paper or by reversing the sheet of paper into a printer after printing on one side.

Duplex printers help in reducing paper waste and thus are eco-friendly. It makes large print jobs more manageable and is better for conserving filing cabinet space.

However, duplex printers have potential for an increased number of paper jams due to the complex multi-directional nature of printing involved.

Printers which do not have duplex capabilities are called single-sided
printers or simplex printers. However, printers that lack auto duplex
properties can still be used to manually perform duplex printing.


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