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What Does Reprographics Mean?

Reprographics is the process of reproducing graphics through electrical or mechanical means such as photography or xerography. Photography and printing services are the biggest examples of businesses and entities that make use of reprographic equipment. In the simplest terms, reprographics is the reproduction of visual elements such as graphic images and even text documents either as print or as digital data.


Reprographics is also known as reprography.

Techopedia Explains Reprographics

Reprographics is the reproduction and duplication of visual materials such as documents, drawings, images, designs and the like through any process that makes use of light, optics or any photographic means. The term also refers to the reproduction of the said materials through all or any printing methods, including photocopying.

Reprographics therefore simply refers to the process of duplicating works either physically (but not manually as in copying via drawing or sketch) through various printing methods or digitally through processes like photography and scanning.


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