Desktop Supercomputer

What Does Desktop Supercomputer Mean?

A desktop supercomputer is a desktop computer that has
performance like that of a supercomputer. A desktop supercomputer typically
possesses a fast GPU, often with several of them for boosting performance as well
as multiple CPU cores. Desktop supercomputers are designed for scientific and
technical computing, such as physics simulations and medical imaging.


A desktop supercomputer is also known as a personal supercomputer.

Techopedia Explains Desktop Supercomputer

Desktop supercomputers are desktop computers designed for technical computing. This can include computing physics problems or building 3-D images. One design goal for these computers is to offer performance that is as close to a supercomputer as possible. System builders achieve this by using GPUs to perform computations. Desktop supercomputers usually use workstation-class graphics processors. GPUs can perform calculations quickly because they can execute many calculations in parallel.

Desktop supercomputers are much cheaper than their full-size counterparts and users do not have to wait to submit jobs and receive input back from some supercomputing center. Many vendors, such as Dell and HP, offer desktop supercomputers but many systems are user-assembled.


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