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Korea Scale (K-scale)

Last updated: September 22, 2013

What Does Korea Scale (K-scale) Mean?

Korea Scale (K-scale) is a checklist used to diagnose and evaluate the rate of Internet addiction throughout the population of South Korea. It was created by South Korean psychologists to measure the number of Internet users, specifically those under the age of 18.


Techopedia Explains Korea Scale (K-scale)

A K-scale test is typically conducted and measured by a health practitioner. The K-scale evaluation provides information that pertains to Internet usage/addiction, such as:
  • How often an individual uses the Internet on a daily basis
  • How long an individual stays online
  • What kind of mood the individual is in when not using the Internet
  • If an individual displays signs of anger when forced to stop using the Internet for long periods
Individuals with high K-scale scores receive mental health assessments or assistance.

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