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What Does HTM Mean?

HTM is an extension for an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) file, which is a markup language for creating Web pages. HTML defines how a Web browser displays every browser page element, including pictures, text, hyperlinks and many others.


Techopedia Explains HTM

Sometimes you’ll see an HTML file as “.html,” but it is more frequent to see the 3 letter file extension of “.htm” used.

File extensions, such as htm, are almost always three letters and usually lower case. Other common extensions include the following the file called example:

  • example.txt: for text files
  • example.doc: for Microsoft Word files
  • example.jpg: for JPEGs, a type of image file
  • example.dll: for a dynamic link library used by Microsoft OSs
  • example.exe: for executable files
  • example.htm for an HTML file

The extensions may be derived from the file’s function, creator, company or some other associated word or action.


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