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What Does IronRuby Mean?

IronRuby is an open source interpretation of the Ruby programming language. It was created for Microsoft common language runtime (CLR).


IronRuby was created as an open-source project, and its complete source code is released under Microsoft Public License.

IronRuby runs on the .NET framework and offers several different tools and executables.

Techopedia Explains IronRuby

The release of IronRuby was first announced in 2007 at the MIX conference. "Iron" stands for "implementation running on .NET." The first stable release of IronRuby was version 1.0 in 2010. It was written in C#. It was designed to support CLR and Mono, meaning it can be run on any Windows, Berkley Software Distribution, UNIX, LINUX, Mac and other operating systems that support Mono. IronRuby can also be run on the Silverlight browser.

IronRuby provides the following executables and tools:

The IronRuby Interpreter: This is the main IronRuby executable; it is an interpreter file.
REPL console: This is known as the read-evaluate-print loop.
Igem.bat: This executable is used to install and manage Ruby Gems.
Irackup.bat: This is used to run rack, a Ruby framework that simplifies interaction with different Ruby Web servers.
Irake.bat: This is used to execute rack.
irails.bat: This executable is used to develop a Ruby-on-Rails applications.
irdoc.bat: This is used to create formatted documentation using RDoc, a Ruby tool.
iir.bat: This is used when text documents of Ruby objects are needed.


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