What Does Jython Mean?

Jython is an open-source implementation of Python written in Java. It provides access to a wide rangef Java library classes and is integrated with Java Platform.


Jython makes it easy to write code in Python while still being able to use existing Java components, tool, applets and servlets. A Java programmer can develop applications much faster without compromising robustness, functionality and quality of product.

Techopedia Explains Jython

Jpython was originally developed in late 1997 by Jim Hugunin. Jython was moved to Sourceforge.net in 2000 by Barry Warsaw, as an open-source project. The name Jpython was changed to Jython at SourceForge, which is its current name.

Some of the distinguishing features of Jython are:

  • Dynamic Compilation to Java Bytecode: This helps to achieve maximum performance without compromising interactivity with Java packages.
  • Ability to Extend JavaClasses: This allows extending the existing Java classes, thereby allowing the effective use of abstract classes.
  • Static Compilation: This provides an optional static compiler allowing development of applets, servlets and beans.

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