Mentoring Service

What Does Mentoring Service Mean?

A mentoring service is a company working in the field of business and individual counseling. Mentoring is well-known for many services, including career planning, training, project management courses, professional contacts, and both enterprise and individual career-related issues.


Mentoring services are provided through contracts, which may or may not specify an end date for the service being provided. Information technology comprises the majority of the focus of mentoring services, with a high demand on project management skills.

Techopedia Explains Mentoring Service

Mentoring services may include experts hired during different IT project phases, such as initial planning, project architecture, design, development, implementation, debugging, testing, deployment and installation.

Mentoring services can be provided through different communication forms, including face-to-face and virtual online forms. Small business entrepreneurs find mentoring services helpful because they are cost efficient.


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