Bozo Filter

What Does Bozo Filter Mean?

A bozo filter is a software program that enables the user to block out certain undesired electronic messages or emails from specific, unwanted visitors to websites. Large numbers of community contributions or news stories may also be filtered out through bozo filters. These filters are primarily used for incoming emails. Electronic bulletin boards also have bozo filter applications to screen out or block unworthy public opinions or offensive contributors.


Techopedia Explains Bozo Filter

Besides blocking unwanted emails sent from an annoying individual, bozo filters can also block out spam – some of which may cause harm to computer systems. A list of blocked addresses is known as a bozo list or kill file, the kill file can be used in programs such as Usenet.

Bozo filters are also an effective business email management tool because they can screen out large numbers of impertinent messages, making them a time-saving measure. Internet user groups often enlist bozo filters to facilitate communication with their more worthy contributors. The bozo filter moves emails designated as spam, or undesirable by the user, to the email trash. Bozo filters can be configured to filter email containing specific phrases or individual names. However, care must be taken to assure that legitimate and useful emails are not sent to the trash folder/directory and then deleted.


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