What Does Veepers Mean?

Veepers is a digital software application used for the virtual animation of people as interactive 3D avatars. Veepers is used worldwide in multiple types of consumer communications - such as Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), instant messaging (IM), email, voicemail and chat. It is also used in business applications, like customer relationship management (CRM), virtual training, advertising/branding and commerce.


Techopedia Explains Veepers

Veepers is easier to use and cheaper than video and supports Java, Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and other wireless device formats that do not support video or 3D.

Veepers development requires a neutral facial expression image without glasses and an audio manager program for lip movement coordination. During a Veepers presentation, the image's eyes blink, and eyebrow and mouth movement are synchronous with the audio.

Veepers files are very small and do not require a plug-in for viewing.

Veepers is used by a variety of organizations, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), ESPN, Inc., Esurance and the American Greetings Corporation.

Although Veepers provides the benefits listed above, downsides include:

  • User annoyance with repetitive avatar dialogue
  • User reluctancy during an avatar-led presentation or experience

In September 2003, San Francisco-based Pulse Entertainment (Pulse 3D) introduced Mobile Veepers, which is similar to video streaming with lower production and modification costs.


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