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What Does Moniker Mean?

A moniker is a nickname, pseudonym, cognomen or name. In computing, a moniker is an object linking method derived from Microsoft’s technology for Object Linking and Embedding (OLE). It refers to an object or component in Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM) that is used to identify another object instance.


A moniker is also known as an intelligent name because it retains key linked object data.

Techopedia Explains Moniker

In Microsoft COM, a moniker is an object that provides a pointer to the object it identifies. A moniker client uses a moniker to obtain pointers to objects. A moniker provider provides pointers to its object to moniker clients.

Several types of monikers are implemented in OLE, including file monikers, item monikers and composite monikers. Monikers may be used to start up or connect to objects on the same computer or over a network. Monikers are often used to create network connections.


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