What Does NetRexx Mean?

NetRexx is an effective programming and scripting language alternative to the Java. It creates applications and applets for the Java environment. In addition, it provides faster compilation and interpretation of most classes as compared to Java.


Techopedia Explains NetRexx

NetRexx is inspired by the languages Rexx and Java. It combines the easy to use syntax of Rexx with the robust portability of Java. NetRexx takes its object-oriented features from Object Rexx and from Java it inherits static typing, binary arithmetic, the object model and exception handling.

Those who have measured the differences between NetRexx and Java have shown that Java source requires 30 percent more lexical tokens and 20 percent more keystrokes than an equivalent NetRexx program. This source code can either be compiled into a NetRexx executable or pure Java class files. There is no need for a Java compiler to interpret NetRexx code.


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