What Does PICTIVE Mean?

Plastic interface for collaborative technology initiatives through video exploration (PICTIVE) is a paper mock-up technique that permits users to take part in the development process. A PICTIVE is an illustration of a Web page or a graphical user interface (GUI) on paper. The PICTIVE prototype helps users get an idea of how a system will look and act when it is finished. In PICTIVE, non-technical persons get the opportunity to contribute their ideas to the development process.


Techopedia Explains PICTIVE

Materials used during PICTIVE include simple office supplies like plastic icons, pens, paper, post-it notes, scissors, glue and paper clips. The developer uses these supplies to symbolize components of the project, including drop-down boxes, menu bars and special icons. PICTIVE mainly concentrates on the in-depth aspects of the system. Participants are then video taped while offering suggestions and completing assignments.

Although PICTIVE is generally an effective method of development, it includes some limitations as well. These include trying to design a larger system with physical representation and assuming a task flow will work. Many of these are resolved by additional techniques, such as TelePICTIVE and collaborative analysis of requirements and design (CARD).


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