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Programming Language/System (PL/S)

Last updated: August 18, 2011

What Does Programming Language/System (PL/S) Mean?

Programming Language/System (PL/S) is a language developed by IBM to replace assembly language. It is a machine language. Programming Language One (PL/I) is the base of this language.

PL/S is also known as Basic Systems Language.


Techopedia Explains Programming Language/System (PL/S)

IBM developed PL/S in late 1960. The IBM flagship operating system (OS) was rewritten using PL/S. IBM considered PL/S as proprietary for a long time despite the company receiving many requests to release it as an open source language. IBM eventually opened the OS source code to its customers so they could finally read and interpret the language.

The first PL/S publicly available was released by a developer who formerly worked for the RAND Corporation who released the documentation without IBM's permission. The court granted IBM the right to prohibit the fully functional PL/S compiler.


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