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Rational Rose

What Does Rational Rose Mean?

Rational Rose is an object-oriented programming (OOP) and unified modeling language (UML) tool to design enterprise-level software applications and components. It creates visual software application models under object-oriented principles. Example application models include the creation of actors, use cases, relationships, objects, entities, etc. Rational Rose uses classical UML concepts to graphically model software applications. This facilitates documenting the environment, requirements and overall design.


Techopedia Explains Rational Rose

OOP methodologies use UML to graphically depict software application behavior and architecture. These models are the building blocks and development blueprint of the application’s entire construction process. The popular Rational Rose modeling tool allows developers to create entire architecture or component-level system models, while depicting relationship and control flow.

Rational Rose is a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) modeling tool using efficient and user-friendly drag and drop and design maneuverability. Certain Rational Rose versions actually produce relevant source code for designed models.


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