Release Plan

What Does Release Plan Mean?

A release plan in agile software development is a type of plan wherein developers and other related personnel proceed with a concrete timetable for software releases. In many release plans, multiple releases are staggered and managed for optimization. Having a release plan can make the process of rolling out software more orderly and efficient.


Techopedia Explains Release Plan

In a lot of ways, a release plan contributes to a much more deliberate philosophy of software development. Agile software development was built on this kind of principle — it helps companies understand how to work better toward the final development stages and minimize disruption and confusion during a very complicated process.

In terms of release planning, some experts recommend working on only one project at a time. Then, there is the concept of “release early, release often” that promotes many more smaller releases, rather than one big software release at the end of a project. Arguments for this kind of system include allowances for programmers to slow down and rest between phases, and the greater customer satisfaction or attention that can result from receiving incremental releases. Tech companies create release plans based on feedback they get from customers and other resources, to provide more overall management of software development toward production.


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