SAP Exchange Infrastructure

What Does SAP Exchange Infrastructure Mean?

SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) is an enterprise-level integration application used to mediate the exchange of information between various underlying platforms and systems. It is produced by German global software corporation SAP AG.


SAP XI is a core NetWeaver software component based on open standards and architecture that enables cross-platform communication and collaboration. SAP XI is used primarily for the integration of internal and external software systems and back-end environments. SAP XI also ensures modeled message parsing between different platforms.

Techopedia Explains SAP Exchange Infrastructure

SAP XI was created to facilitate and provide SAP integration with compatible systems and applications. It uses open-standard XML messaging to ensure HTTP interoperability and communication.

The integration server, which serves as a technical and vendor application mediator, manages the core application communication process of SAP XI, which is an XML message schema that provides an open platform. Microsoft’s Exchange Server manages proxy or interface communication.


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