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Class Diagram

What Does Class Diagram Mean?

A class diagram is a type of diagram and part of a unified modeling language (UML) that defines and provides the overview and structure of a system in terms of classes, attributes and methods, and the relationships between different classes.

It is used to illustrate and create a functional diagram of the system classes and serves as a system development resource within the software development life cycle.


Techopedia Explains Class Diagram

A class diagram is primarily designed for developers to provide the conceptual model and architecture of the system being developed. Typically, a class diagram consists of more than one class or all the created classes for a system.

It is a type of structure diagram and looks similar to a flow chart having three main parts illustrated in rectangular boxes. The first or top part specifies the class name, the second or middle specifies attributes of that class and the third or bottom section lists the methods or operations that specific class can perform.


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