E-commerce Remarketing

What Does E-commerce Remarketing Mean?

E-commerce remarketing is an online marketing tactic or technique used to convince an online shopper to revisit a website to make a purchase that shopper recently failed to complete. E-commerce remarketing commonly occurs in response to online shopping cart abandonment. It is a form of conversion marketing in that it is a responsive marketing technique that attempts to invoke a desired consumer response.


Techopedia Explains E-commerce Remarketing

One form of e-commerce remarketing includes a conversion tactic such as a pop-up box, which asks online shoppers if they really want to leave the site before making a purchase final. When customers neglect to make the final purchase, they generally do so just before the check-out stage in an online store. This is referred to as shopping cart abandonment. If the customer does abandon the shopping cart, online retailers or online marketers may follow up through automated email systems.

The main goal in e-commerce remarketing is to transform a customer who abandons a purchase into a sale. However, remarketing is most effective when the time line between shopping cart abandonment and the deployment of marketing tactics is very slim.

Through behavioral email marketing and Web analytics, merchants are furnished with the ability to track consumers’ or potential consumers’ online shopping behaviors. This way, businesses are not forced to rely on consumers to revisit the website because automated systems and Web analytics will work to entice the visitor with product offers or personalized emails.


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