Graduated Security

What Does Graduated Security Mean?

Graduated security refers to a model or architecture in which information security is implemented in multiple layers based on the requirements, threats and vulnerabilities of the system or environment. It enables securing a system in several different protection modes that work on par with the base requirement of the underlying IT system, environment or infrastructure.


Techopedia Explains Graduated Security

Graduated security primarily enables classifying the security requirements of an individual computing system or an entire IT environment. The different layers of graduated security are:

  • Low: When the system security is of low priority or when it is least prone to any vulnerability.
  • Moderate: The system/IT environment requires a medium level of information security.
  • High: System/infrastructure requires a higher level of security and protection.
  • Top-secret: Typically used for military and government IT systems, it is the highest level of security that can possibly be implemented.

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