NIST 800 Series

What Does NIST 800 Series Mean?

The NIST 800 Series is a publication that elaborates the US federal government advance computer security and network infrastructure policy. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) itself is a non-regulatory organization that upholds industrial competitiveness through technological and innovative advancement to bring about economic stability. The NIST 800 Series documentation can be used as a set of strategies for security threats and vulnerabilities.


Techopedia Explains NIST 800 Series

The NIST 800 Series documents are available online free of cost for educational institutes and government agencies as well as businesses. These documentations provide an extensive study on cost-effective and practical methods for enhancing the safety of information technology organizations and infrastructures in a preemptive way. Security measures are of great importance when the network is under constant threat of adverse events and the NIST 800 Series helps in minimizing the risks of attacks by providing useful legal and technological recommendations for security problems. NIST is known for its work in bettering the technology infrastructure of the United States and is working under various domains such as economy, industry, academic as well as national security.


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