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Email Alias

Last updated: March 7, 2018

What Does Email Alias Mean?

An email alias refers to an email address that is associated with another destination email address. It enables using the email alias rather than the complete or original email address to send email to the corresponding email address or the recipient.

An email alias can also be referred to as virtual email address or forwarding email address.


Techopedia Explains Email Alias

An email alias is primarily a forwarding email address that corresponds to an email address. Typically, email alias's are created to provide an alternative an easier means to remember long and difficult email addresses. For example, the email address can have a simpler and easier email alias such as, or even All emails sent or forwarded from the email alias are sent and refer to the primary email address.

In reality, email alias doesn’t have a mailbox of its own, and instead forwards all mails to the primary email address. Email alias's are generally configured on a mail server or the mail service provider control panel. An email alias can be assigned to only one user/e-mail on a mail server or mail domain. However, an email address can have more than one email alias, all of which refer to the primary email address.



Virtual E-mail, Forwarding E-mail Address

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