Email Appending

What Does Email Appending Mean?

Email appending refers to the process of adding an email address to an existing database containing such data as name, phone number, physical address, etc. Email appending is often done by a third party email appending service. The third party service may also merge a portion or all of their database with the database of their client company.


This term is also known as email append or e-pending.

Techopedia Explains Email Appending

Email appending most often involves matching and then merging the third party database with the client company database. The client company may simply want to expand their marketing or collaboration efforts to include email communications.

Obviously, the success of email appending is dependent on the quality of the two merged databases. Email addresses and other contact data can quickly become outdated as the data changes, producing unusable or invalid information.

Use of such data for database marketing may easily be considered spam. Since individual recipients of such email may not have voluntarily provided their email address, email addresses used after email appending are opt-out email as opposed to opt-in email.


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