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What Does Microcommerce Mean?

Microcommerce is an e-commerce business model that involves payments of very small amounts, or micropayments.


It is the selling and purchasing of online goods, products and services, which are very inexpensive and are usually priced at $5 or less.

Techopedia Explains Microcommerce

Microcommerce is an emerging business trend within the e-commerce. It works similar to e-commerce, but the product prices generally do not exceed $20. Typically, microcommerce involves purchasing online goods such as content, songs, wallpapers, e-books and more. The payment process between the merchant and the buyer is managed through an online payment processor, or through the mobile operator (in case of mobile payment). Since the products and services are low priced and targeted for general individuals, microcommerce is primarily a Business to Customer (B2C) model.


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