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What Does Email Software Mean?

Email software is a program that features and functionality for using electronic mail. In most cases, these programs are not actual email hosting technologies, but rather, email editors with different formats, layout and messaging functionality tools.


Techopedia Explains Email Software

The role of email software in IT involves the use of various email hosting services.

While many users take advantage of remote hosted e-mail from ISPs, others may set up their own email addresses which may require email editor or email interface tools.

By contrast, those using hosted ISP environments can access their email directly over the Internet, and the email editor is typically built into these web pages of the ISP. One of the most popular and familiar email software applications is Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook supports a lot of the business email traffic that happens in Windows operating system environments. Like other email software applications, it presents its own delivery interface with features like multi-line viewing and different kinds of filtering and folder utilities.

Other kinds of software are provided as freeware or open source tools for viewing and storing e-mail communications.


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