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What Does Multitenancy Mean?

Multitenancy is a type of computing architecture in which one or more logical software instances are created and executed on top of primary software. Multitenancy allows multiple users to work in a software environment at the same time, each with their own separate user interface, resources and services.


Techopedia Explains Multitenancy

Multitenancy is the backbone architecture of cloud computing and this is where it is primarily used. It works when the same software is accessed by several simultaneously connected users over the Internet. Typically, such software is hosted, provisioned and managed by a cloud provider. Each user, or tenant, can customize the software’s preferences and settings. However, all of these settings are provided within the same software instance without providing access to its source code.

SaaS-based software applications delivered over the Internet are a common example of multitenant architecture where a single application is accessed by many different users globally.


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