ISO 14000

What Does ISO 14000 Mean?

ISO 14000 refers to a family of international standards related to environment management developed and published by the International Organization of Standardization. These standards help organizations improve environment management efforts. Companies interested in getting certified must call a third-party certification body; the ISO certification later counts the certificates by that body which are accredited by ISO members.


Techopedia Explains ISO 14000

ISO 14000 does not pertain to the product itself but the process by which it is being made. It encourages operational processes which are ecologically friendly and do not negatively affect the environment. Following ISO 14000 standards is optional, although it is a good practice if organizations voluntarily take part in this environment saving procedure.

ISO directly does not perform standardization analysis to award certification, rather a non-biased third party is invited to do the compliance testing after which ISO 14000 is awarded. ISO 14001 is an integral part of ISO 14000 and is close to the quality management standard ISO 9000.


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