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IEEE 802.11m

What Does IEEE 802.11m Mean?

IEEE 802.11m is an IEEE Task Group m (TGm) initiative geared toward maintaining the IEEE 802.11 standard and related documentation. It is comprised of all IEEE 802.11 amendments and revisions applied to the IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless local area network (WLAN) services and compatible devices.


IEEE 802.11m is also known as 802.11 Cleanup.

Techopedia Explains IEEE 802.11m

Developed in 1999, IEEE 802.11m is an ongoing initiative that provides a unified view of the 802.11 base standard through continuous monitoring, management and maintenance.

IEEE 802.11m is based on two documented initiatives: IEEE 802.11ma and IEEE 802.11mb. IEEE 802.11ma is comprised of the eight amendments (a, b, d, e, g, h, i, j) editorially applied through 2003. IEEE 802.mb is the current maintenance draft version.


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