Pod Slurping

Last updated: January 28, 2013

What Does Pod Slurping Mean?

Pod slurping refers to the act of using of small, portable devices to download large amounts of data on an unauthorized basis. Like other tech terms, such as podcast, pod slurping gets its name from the ubiquity and ongoing demand for Apple technology, which has led many consumers to acquire several handheld devices.

Techopedia Explains Pod Slurping

The phenomenon of pod slurping represents a convergence between the development and adoption of small mobile devices by individual users, and the ongoing liability that corporations and other parties face in trying to safeguard sensitive data. Pod slurping and other kinds of inside hacking or data theft can often be prevented by multi-tier IT security products, but there’s still a big concern around how authorized or trusted employees, contractors or visitors may be able to effectively steal large amounts of information with a relatively simple connection, often a USB connection to a workstation or other hardware component. Because so much of pod slurping and other data theft is done through USB connections, some businesses have started to actually glue their USB ports shut (or otherwise remove them) in order to prevent unauthorized access.


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