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British Standards Institution

What Does British Standards Institution Mean?

The British Standards Institution, or BSI Group, is the major standardization body in the United Kingdom. BSI provides standards for a personal and business uses. The standards define a number of management processes, including business continuity and operational resilience.


Techopedia Explains British Standards Institution

The British Standards Institution is the first national standards body in the world. It was originally founded in 1901 as the Engineering Standards Body, changing its name to the British Engineering Standards Association in 1918 and then to the British Standards Institution in 1931. BSI adopted its current name in 1998. It is a nonprofit company operating under a Royal Charter with operations in 182 countries.

BSI primarily administrates a number of important international management systems assessments and certification. It publishes and adopts European standards in the U.K. Some notable standards in regard to IT include BS 25999 for business continuity management, and BS 65000, which governs operational resilience. The company administers a number of ISO standards, including ISO 9001.


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