Internet Fax

What Does Internet Fax Mean?

An Internet fax product is a technology that uses the global IP network to send a fax instead of using traditional public switched telephone networks or fiber-optic land lines to send documents. A range of Internet fax tools help offices to receive faxes in digital form or as paper documents.


Techopedia Explains Internet Fax

Internet fax software replaces one end or both ends of a conventional fax transmission. Software can help users to send digital copies of a document from a computer or mobile device to a fax machine, where they may print out on paper. Alternately, users can send already scanned and digitized documents in digital form, or they can use some forms of Internet fax software to digitize a fax before sending it.

Internet faxing helps with some security issues involved in handling physical documents at their destinations. It also helps because since the messages are sent over the Internet instead of telephone lines, senders don’t have to pay the higher fees associated with traditional faxes. Different kinds of Internet fax technologies also have advanced features for document handling, data mining and much more.


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