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Virtual To Physical (V2P)

Last updated: April 25, 2013

What Does Virtual To Physical (V2P) Mean?

Virtual to physical (V2P) is the process of converting or porting a virtual machine (VM) onto and/or as a standard physical machine. V2P allows a VM to transform into a physical machine without losing its state, data and overall operations. Virtual to physical is also known as virtual to physical migration (V2P migration).

Techopedia Explains Virtual To Physical (V2P)

V2P is performed by a third-party tool external to the VM hypervisor and follows a systematic approach for successful migration. This includes verifying the hardware capacity and compatibility with a VM’s current configuration. Required V2P tools include an operating system (OS) specific utility, which is used to create a VM image; an image transfer tool and native device drivers for the target physical machine. The OS tool that creates the OS image also facilitates the VM hardware setting configuration in line with the destination machine. The VM image/snapshot is copied exactly and configured by the same software and device drivers installed to complete the V2P migration process.


Virtual to Physical Migration (V2P Migration)

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