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Virtual Symmetric Multiprocessing

What Does Virtual Symmetric Multiprocessing Mean?

Virtual Symmetric Multi Processing (VSMP) is a technique employed in virtualization by which a virtual machine can be assigned one or more virtual processors simultaneously. Virtual symmetric processing enables a virtual machine or host to have a single operating system and memory but can have at least two logical processors for their computing requirements.


Techopedia Explains Virtual Symmetric Multiprocessing

Virtual symmetric multi processing (VSMP) is a similar technique to symmetric multi processing (SMP) which supports two or more processors parallel in physical machines, managed by the host operating system. VSMP operates on the same framework but within a virtualized environment and integrate logical processors which are logical distribution of the actual physical processors(s).

VSMP is managed by the virtual machine manager or the hypervisor which create and allocate virtual machine and their backend compute resources and also ensure performance level remains consistent among all the processors and virtual machines.


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