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Infrared Wireless

What Does Infrared Wireless Mean?

Infrared wireless refers to the process of sending data and communicating wirelessly on top of an infrared connection.


It is the use of infrared transmission technology in devices and equipments for sending data to other devices and/or controlling them wirelessly by human operators.

Techopedia Explains Infrared Wireless

Infrared wireless is primarily implemented in short range areas and facilities, more specifically where there is the least amount of obstruction such as wooden or concrete walls. Infrared wireless is implemented through two different modes.

The first mode is called line of sight infrared wireless. This is the most common implementation of infrared wireless. The receiving device must be directly in line of sight of the infrared broadcasting device. The distance between both devices usually must not be greater than ten meters. Remote devices such as televisions, air-conditioners and other appliances works on line of sight infrared wireless technology.

The second mode is called scatter mode infrared wireless. In this mode, the infrared signals/rays are broadcasted within a specific room or vicinity. Any receiving device either in sight or out of sight can receive infrared signals directly or through reflection.


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