Wireless Point of Sale

What Does Wireless Point of Sale Mean?

Wireless point of sale (WPOS) refers to the use of wireless communications and devices to facilitate, enable and process point-of-sale transactions. It is primarily used in retail businesses that enable productivity, flexibility and economy in accepting payments by replacing/alternating wired POS infrastructure with wireless technologies.


WPOS can also be called wireless point of purchase.

Techopedia Explains Wireless Point of Sale

WPOS has different types of implementations depending on the nature of business. For example, within the restaurant industry, the card swapping machine is wirelessly connected to the central in-house server. All transactions are wirelessly transmitted from the PoS device to the server in real-time. Similarly, in taxi cabs or outdoor product sales, WPOS enables vendors/businesses to provide wireless transactions on the go. In this case, the WPOS is generally connected to the central transaction server over the public wireless Internet. Moreover, some WPOS are also used to record data such as for taking an order or creating an invoice.


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