Mobile Health

What Does Mobile Health Mean?

Mobile health (mHealth) refers to the different methods and/or practices of delivering medical services through the use of mobile technologies. It is a broad term that is applied to modern health care in many different ways.


Techopedia Explains Mobile Health

One aspect of mHealth as it is practiced around the world involves “medical telework.” As mobile technologies allow for more robust remote communications, there is the awareness that telework services can bring more services to out-of-the-way rural places with otherwise limited access to care.

Another aspect of mHealth involves the use of mobile devices to hold and supply medical data. This depends on the software used; for instance, in some cases, HIPAA-approved software can help deliver medical records or other patient health information in secure and compliant ways through a mobile device.

Then there are “hybrid” types of systems that may or may not be classified as mHealth. One of the best examples is a network-wide Web platform where patients can access information about their health and medical care. These systems can be accessed with a mobile device, thus qualifying them as “mobile,” even though they are not inherently mobile systems.


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