Contact Manager

What Does Contact Manager Mean?

Contact manager is an application that allows users to easily locate and save contact information, including names, telephone numbers and addresses. Advanced contact managers offer reporting functionality and enable various workgroup members to gain access to the same “contacts” database. These contact-centric databases present a fully integrated procedure for tracking all data and communication activities associated with contacts.


Techopedia Explains Contact Manager

Contact managers help users seamlessly coordinate and handle all prospects, contacts and customer data from a single application. Contact managers also facilitate easy setup and monitoring of direct marketing campaigns. Sophisticated contact managers help users monitor tasks with automated reminders. Calendar functions are often included for tracking time-related data and information.

Contact managers provide various features and benefits, including:

  • Centralized database of contact information
  • Ready-to-use database with search functionality
  • Sales monitoring
  • Email integration
  • Organizing of meetings and appointments
  • Document management
  • Records and discussion management
  • Customizable fields

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