Category 3 Cable

What Does Category 3 Cable Mean?

A Category 3 cable (Cat 3 cable) is a type of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable that is used for voice and data communications in computer and telecommunication networks. It is an Ethernet copper cable defined by the Electronics Industry Alliance (EIA) and Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA).


A Cat 3 cable is also known as a station wire.

Techopedia Explains Category 3 Cable

Conceived in 1990, the Cat 3 cable was one of the most popular data communication cables until 2000. It is used in 10Base-T and token ring networks from which it has the ability to transmit data at a speed of 10 Mbps. When implemented in 100BaseT networks, a Cat 3 cable can carry data at speeds much higher than its base speed.

The Cat 3 cable delivers good voice communication performance because it provides 16 MHz of bandwidth, which is more than enough for phone calls. It is also popular in network environments where electromagnetic interference is of minimal concern.


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