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What Does Video Game Console Mean?

A video game console is a specialized computer system designed for interactive video gameplay and display. A video game console functions like a PC and is built with the same essential components, including a central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU) and random access memory (RAM). To offset costs, most video game console manufacturers use older CPU versions.


Techopedia Explains Video Game Console

Modern PCs are designed to run high-quality video games and may be used for a flawless gameplay experience. However, video game consoles are preferred because they are cheaper.

Video game consoles also have the following benefits:

  • Games are written to function with console hardware.
  • Games load more quickly on consoles, versus PCs, with the exception of gaming rigs.
  • All video game consoles are plug-and-play.
  • Driver compatibility issues are rare.
  • Gaming components are uniform by system.
  • Most consoles allow more than one player. Because extensive setup is required, this process may be problematic with PCs and does not work on all systems.

A video game console provides a bridge between arcades and PCs dedicated to video gameplay and home use. A PC is a general purpose computer that is also capable of running games and may be built with arcade-style controls. An arcade is similar to a console and limited to public use but distinguished by its controls.


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