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What Does Spamdress Mean?

A spamdress is a type of email account or address that is used by an individual to receive newsletters, blog updates or any other online subscriptions that regularly send emails. It is used as a temporary or alternative email address for keeping frequently received emails in a separate email account.


A spamdress is also known as spam email address and spam address.

Techopedia Explains Spamdress

A spamdress is primarily created and used by an individual to register for online media, content and other opt-in email services that frequently send new emails daily. Due to the high volume and frequency of new emails, such mails are generally regarded as spam emails. Therefore, the user creates a spamdress to register for and receive email, content, or any other updates from these services. This also enables the individual in keeping the primary email address for sending and receiving important emails.


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