What Does Superstitial Mean?

Superstitial is a specific type of online ad display that is superimposed over a webpage, usually temporarily. The superstitial ad is a specific type of interstitial advertisement that is triggered by some user event.


Techopedia Explains Superstitial

Many superstitial ads are animated, or contain dynamic graphics. They may look a lot like the splash pages or splash screens that are also interstitial on websites, in that they pop up and disappear again after a few seconds, or as prompted by a user. These ads are called superstitial partly because they are superimposed over the web screen that the user was previously reading. As a result, superstitial ads can be annoying. However, experts often describe them as having a “polite” delivery system. For instance, many of them are semi-transparent and have easy opt-out buttons at the top right corner of the ad, in a place that users would expect them, so that they can click out of the ad easily.

Superstitial ads are used for all sorts of purposes in advertising. Some of the attractive attributes of these ads involve layout issues. Because they are superimposed, they do not have to fit into a page screen design.


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