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What Does SCSI-2 Mean?

SCSI-2 is the second version of SCSI. SCSI stands for Short (or Small) Computer System Interface, and is most commonly pronounced “scuzzy.” It is a commonly used interface for disk drivers first introduced in the mid-1980s. SCSI-2 was released in 1994 with optional 16-32 bit bus, unlike the original SCSI which was only 8 bits, and has more pins and device connection capacity.


Techopedia Explains SCSI-2

The SCSI-2 interface is fast and efficient. It has a connection capacity of 16 or more devices, compared to 8 devices in the case of the original SCSI. The transfer rate is also increased from 10 Mbps from SCSI to 40 Mbps in SCSI-2. SCSI-2 usually uses a MicroD 50-pin connector with thumbclips. The connector is also known as a Mini 50 or Micro DB50 or Micro Ribbon 60 connector. SCSI-2 has further three sub-types: SCSI-2 Fast, SCSI-2 Wide and SCSI-2 Fast Wide. All of these types differ in functionality and included features.


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