What Does HomePlug Mean?

HomePlug refers to hardware devices specifically designed for communication and transfer of data. HomePlug devices can transmit data specifications such as Ethernet, USB and 802.11 Wi-Fi technologies through a building’s electrical wiring to connect PCs and other devices that use a network connection.


Techopedia Explains HomePlug

First introduced in June 2001, HomePlug is a specification standard used in testing and standardization of hardware used for communication of two or more devices. The HomePlug Powerline Alliance is a joint venture of a number of device manufacturers that oversees the HomePlug standard. HomePlug has revolutionized the way that devices are able to connect by Ethernet network. The HomePlug hardware can simply be plugged into any existing power socket in a building, and all devices connected to it can have access to the data as if they were plugged into a standard Ethernet connection.


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